Police ask for information on bar brawl in downtown Merced

MERCED, Calif. (KFSN) -- A bar fight investigation is leaving Merced Police with more questions than answers.

"We're trying to find any witnesses that can clear anything up. Any rumor, give us any info, any video," said Merced Police Chief Chris Goodwin.

Investigators are looking into a brawl that happened outside the Cue Spot bar in downtown Merced Saturday night.

The Merced Sun Star states that several members of the Merced County Sheriff's office may have been involved.

The Chief of Police couldn't confirm there were deputies involved, but did say there were a lot of people present during the fight.

"One person says he was trying to break it up and at one point, he got assaulted but didn't know who did it," he said.

The chief did confirm that a current city council member and sheriff's deputy was downtown at the same time as the incident.

"In trying to contact people, we were able to contact Councilmember Kevin Blake downtown, and didn't get any information from him," he said.

We did reach out to the Merced County Sheriff's office, but were told no one could comment because it's a "personnel issue".

Fresno County Sheriff's Officials did confirm the Merced County sheriff reached out earlier this week, asking Sheriff Margaret Mims to accept their request to conduct an administrative hearing regarding an issue.

Chief Goodwin says they have some street video, but asked anyone with cell phone video to call their investigators.

We did speak with the bar owner over the phone. He says all he knows was that two people that were arguing came through the back of his bar and out to the sidewalk to catch their ride, then started fighting outside.

We also called Kevin Blake but he was not able to comment on the the incident or the investigation.
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