Some Merced County residents getting incorrect races on mail-in ballots

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Thursday, October 13, 2022
Some Merced Co. voters getting outdated district maps on ballots
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If you've received your mail-in ballot and live in Merced County, you'll want to check it closely.

MERCED COUNTY, Calif. (KFSN) -- Less than one month away from the general election, Merced County is scrambling to determine the scope of a problem with mail-in ballots printed based on the previous district maps.

"We have a lot of people reviewing all the lines, all the ballots to know where those discrepancies are and figure out how to remedy them moving forward," says Merced County Public Information Officer Mike North.

North says It's too early to tell how many voters were impacted and where, but he says they're finding precincts in Merced, Los Banos and Gustine were affected.

An internal review is underway.

"We're committed to safeguarding the integrity of elections and we'll do everything we can to remedy this situation," North said. "We take this very seriously, and we have a lot of people working diligently to fix this situation."

The error comes after districts were remapped to accommodate population changes.

North says Primary elections weren't impacted.

Voters in Merced County started receiving their general election ballots on October 10.

"The redistricting process was truncated due to the delays with the census, so we did have a shorter time frame to fix all of these boundaries," North said.

The registrar's office will contact any voter that was impacted and receive a replacement ballot.

If you're concerned you may have been affected, go to the district mapping tool on their website.