Horrifying moment when avalanche hits climbers on Everest base camp

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Monday, April 27, 2015
This photo provided by Azim Afif shows the scene after an avalanche triggered by a massive earthquake swept across Everest Base Camp, Nepal on Saturday, April 25, 2015.
Azim Afif via AP

Video captured the horrifying moment an avalanche triggered by Saturday's 7.8 magnitude earthquake in Nepal collided with a group of climbers on Mount Everest.

(WARNING: Video contains explicit language and content some viewers might find disturbing.)

Click here to view the video.

The video was uploaded by Jost Kobusch, detailing the avalanche that struck an Everest base camp on April 25. In the video, several people can be seen walking among the tents, as one person off-screen says "the ground is shaking." Suddenly, climbers begin to flee, as a giant wave of snow pummels towards them.

After the avalanche hits, the distraught climbers get up to see the base camp now blanketed in snow. The climbers on video tell each other to "stay together," as they start their search for survivors.

According to ABC News, 10 climbers were killed by the avalanche, including three Americans. The death toll in Nepal following the 7.8 magnitude earthquake rose above 4,000 on Monday, according to ABC News.

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