Woman helps bring holiday cheer to nursing home residents

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Friday, December 27, 2019
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Thomas said she hopes to make it an annual event.

SAVANNAH, Ga. (KFSN) -- A Georgia woman was on a mission to make sure residents at a nursing home felt some holiday cheer.

Charmele Thomas made over 100 gift bags and personally delivered each one.

Thomas says she noticed many people were alone when she visited her grandmother and decided to change that to make sure everyone felt love this time of year.

"So I'm going to be going to different nursing homes and helping the elderly around me," Thomas said. "They are the pillars for the reason why we are today, and I chose to do it because of my grandma because she was a really sweet big-hearted person."

Many of the residents were grateful for Thomas' efforts and for most, this was their only holiday event or present.

Thomas says she plans on making the event a consistent project.