Oakhurst comes together to support those helping Nepal earthquake victims

OAKHURST, Calif. (KFSN) -- It's been more than a week since the country of Nepal was devastated by a 7.8-magnitude earthquake. People from right here in Central California are abroad helping people rebuild.

In just a matter of minutes, powerful shockwaves caused cities in Nepal to crumble, buildings destroyed to rubble and lives lost.

For Oakhurst mother Krista Clayton, the damage left her on edge and in prayer. She said, "He called and he said, 'We're OK. We're fine.' I'm like, 'Keep talking, keep talking. I just need to hear your voice.'"

Her son Tyler and daughter-in-law Kelsey Clayton from Oakhurst are serving with Youth With a Mission. The couple had been in Nepal since April. The two had left the capital city of Kathmandu a week before and were working in an outside village when the 7.8 quake hit.

"He just said it felt like he was on a boat dock and that just huge waves were crashing in and then shaking, and people were running out of the church and screaming," Krista Clayton said.

In Oakhurst, residents are lifting prayers and voices up high for the impoverished people worlds away and their own.

"After the earthquake happened, the response from the community was just so huge. People's hearts were so burdened for the country of Nepal, they just decided to go last minute even when they didn't have passports and had to figure that out with the State Department," said Nathan Nielsen with Youth With a Mission Yosemite.

Nielsen says Jacob Talloman just left for Nepal with his brother to serve. As for the Claytons, they've been working with their mission team around the clock providing first aid.

Krista Clayton says while it's been a nerve-wracking experience, she's finding strength in their faith. She said, "You don't want to ever lose a child, but knowing they're doing this for the Lord and just serving people, blesses my heart."

A mission to give hope to the hopeless. While it may take months or even years to rebuild, residents in Oakhurst say they'll continue to pray for Nepal.

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