Penguin receives custom wetsuit to stay warm

A penguin's look is usually associated with tuxedos, but one penguin at SeaWorld Orlando is taking fashion to the next level.

Wonder Twin the Adelie penguin began experiencing feather loss, which resulted in difficulty regulating her body temperature. To help Wonder Twin, the theme park turned to their costume department to create a custom wetsuit to "mimic her former coat of feathers."

Wonder Twin the penguin received a custom wetsuit to keep warm after experiencing feather loss.

Seaworld Orlando

"Penguins live almost three-quarters of their life in the water, and now with that wetsuit she's going to be in there and be able to keep warm," said TJ Dray, aviculturist at SeaWorld Orlando.

The custom suit has been successful in keeping Wonder Twin warm, allowing her to swim, eat and sleep next to her fellow penguins.
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