Good Samaritan finds 4 of the 11 stolen goats belonging to Kingsburg family in Selma

KINGSBURG, Calif. (KFSN) -- Kristi Picquette says she and her family haven't slept in days since their goats were stolen from their pen Thursday night.

But thanks to someone posting an unfamiliar sighting on Facebook, four of the 11 are back and the family is one step closer to tracking down the whole herd.

"My heart dropped and I'm like those are our goats those are our goats," Picquette said.

That post was shared 53 times, enough to grab the attention of family friends.

After a little investigative work, Kristi tracked down the original post to find out exactly where the goats were last seen.

"Calling CHP office they did have reports of our animals being there," Picquette said.

They were found by a homeowner 20 miles away from where they had been stolen in Selma off Chestnut and Clarkson.

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But it was their appetite that led to their discovery.

"They were in his yard eating flowers that were precious to him," Picquette said.

That Good Samaritan kept the animals until they were safely recovered.

Five kids set to sell at the Big Fresno Fair auction and two milkers are still missing -- one is a champion and the other is Best Stowe in Show.

"These are kids college funds and it's their business," Picquette said.

It's not just a financial hit Kristi says her children Dillon and TJ love their goats like pets, though four were returned, two of them have eye infections.

"Drop them off in a safe place please not the middle of the road like the last batch," she said.

The Fresno County Sheriff's Office says goat theft is becoming a growing crime in the Central Valley.

Adult goats can run anywhere from $125 to $250 each.

Since January, the Sheriff's Ag Task Force has been investigating seven cases of stolen goats.

Authorities say you can help by monitoring sites like Craigslist.

The family is hoping anyone with information comes forward they are offering a $1,000 reward for their safe return.
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