Woman known as serial stowaway arrested in Florida

SAN FRANCISCO -- A serial stowaway faces new charges after investigators say she snuck onto a flight and into a fancy hotel.

Marilyn Hartman, 63, is no stranger to San Francisco Bay Area airports, and is now accused of taking a flight Sunday from Minnesota to Jacksonville, Florida without a ticket.

She was arrested in Florida after an upscale hotel says she tried to check in under someone else's name. Police say they found Hartman sleeping inside a hotel room. The fact that she made it past airport security concerns investigators.

"She stood around the airport and she thinks somebody just felt sorry for her and just said, 'Come with me,'" Deputy Sheriff Mark Murphy from Nassau County said.

Hartman has now been caught trying to sneak onto flights 11 times since March, seven times at SFO.

San Mateo County District Attorney Steve Wagstaffe says Hartman refuses to be reformed. He told ABC7 News, "We tried everything, including offering our hand to help her out. She doesn't want a hand. I think she just wants to fly."

Hartman served jail time after successfully stowing away on a flight from San Jose to Los Angeles last August.

Her bond was set at $55,006 and her next court date is March 5, 2015.
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