Made in the Valley: Fresno business helping customers chill out with gourmet popsicles

FRESNO, Calif. (KFSN) -- Cappuccino and piña colada are just some of the flavors you can take a bite out of when you try a gourmet popsicle by Pop's Emporium.

Aaron Ordaz, the Pops Emporium co-owner, said, "Once they see them they're hooked. They see one of our fruit ones; our watermelon looks just like a watermelon. They see our cookies and cream, a big fat Oreo right in the front and their eyes just lift up."

Ordaz is one of the owners of Pop's Emporium, a gourmet popsicle company that serves sweets on the go through carts. The Fresno State graduate and his colleagues started the business after Marco came to him with an idea to start the popsicle company.

"When you look at him make popsicles he just makes it look like an art. I don't know how to explain it. How he designs them and the way he comes up with flavors. I haven't seen it before."

The sweet treats are made at a shop in Northwest Fresno by hand.

"They're rich with flavor, the cream ones are. All the fruit ones are made with real fruit. So they're very fresh. We get them at the right time, we don't add much sugar at all because the fruit has natural sugars already," said Ordaz.

They serve their treats from carts at special events or farmers markets around the Valley. The on the go business model has helped them grow.

Ordaz said, "The cart I can move almost anywhere. I can go inside the buildings, outside the buildings. You name it."

Social media has also been a vital driving force, as people share their Instagrammable pictures of their specialty treats.

You can find Pop's emporium at various events, Thursdays at Hanford Farmers Market and on Friday at the Old Town Clovis Farmers Market. It's a sweet and cool treat here created here in the Valley.

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