Evil in the Archives: Love Gone Sour

A loving couple living the American dream, until it ended in murder.

Evil in the Archives: Love Gone Sour
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Wednesday, June 26, 2024

Inside every local TV station lives an archive filled with that city's evil acts waiting to be explored. Evil in the Archives dives into the stories that gripped a community and the people keeping their loved one's memories alive.

Tim and Larissa Schuster were living the American dream. A loving family, a beautiful home and a thriving business. That dream was crushed when Tim was found murdered in a Clovis, CA storage unit.

The 2003 murder of Tim Schuster shocked the community know as one of the safest cities in California. Love Gone Sour explores the events leading up to the crime and the killer no one expected.

Watch Evil in the Archives: Love Gone Sour Wednesday 6/26 at 9pm only on ABC30.

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Evil in the Archives Lone Gone Sour