Puppy in ruff spot saved after getting stuck in car wheel well in Raisin City

RAISIN CITY, Calif. (KFSN) -- It was a race against time at Rasin City Elementary School as superintendent Juan Sandoval traded in his administrative duties to rescue a dog from an unusual place in a car.

"He was trapped between the axle and the frame," Sandoval said.

The two-month-old puppy named Robin belongs to Maria Diaz and her daughter Angely. Maria had driven ten minutes to the school -- not knowing the furry husky was taking a wild ride next to the driver's side wheel.

"We couldn't take it out through the hood so after looking to it we had to take the wheel off."

Cell phone video shows Sandoval using a floor jack in the parking lot to raise the car as Robin whimpered and whined. And then ten minutes into the rescue, the wheel was taken off, and the puppy was finally pulled out and reunited with his family.

It was a positive end for the grey and blue-eyed pup and his human friend who has a message for those with animals.

"Take care of (your) pets a lot and keep them somewhere close to them," Angely told Action News.

Fortunately, despite his wild ride, Robin was not injured.

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A puppy was saved from inside a wheel well after cries were heard coming from a car in Raisin City.

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