Clovis to soon be home to state's largest 'zero net energy' community

CLOVIS, Calif. (KFSN) -- From the outside, a De Young model home looks like most others, but it is a zero net energy home that will soon be built in Clovis.

"All 58 homes in this community will be designed with the potential to produce as much clean energy as they consume in a year," said Brandon De Young with De Young Properties.

The Ridgeview development is De Young properties newest project and will be built off Locan and Teague. Brandon says the new homes will be green.

"They have the potential to produce all of their energy from solar right there on their individual homes. Energy bills will be super low, and they'll be comfortable in their homes." Brandon said.

De Young properties have built a special center inside their model homes off Leonard and Dakota to show what zero net energy means.

"In the experience center we show off how our exterior envelope, the thermal boundary of the home helps keep heat in during the winter and heat out during the summer," Brandon said.

Brandon says the new homes will help improve indoor air quality thanks to changes that keep the house more insulated and sealed. He showed us what makes these homes different with thick walls so more insulation can be added, performance sealed attic that encapsulates the HVAC system, windows and LED lights.

The new homes will feature smart energy and control features.

"We include a smart door lock and smart light switch. Our buyers can add other things that can pair with that hub. Right from the smartphone app from your phone, wherever you have the internet even on the other side of the planet, you can control those devices."

De Young has two other communities under construction called Envision and Highlands off Shaw and Highland. So Ridgeview will be their third green community. They say trying to be forward thinking, and state building laws are motivating them to think green.

"We know this is where things are going to have to go anyway's, so we figure it's a win, win. Why not learn it ahead of time, perfect it," Brandon said.

De Young's Ridgeview Homes will go on sale September 15 from their model Center. Prices start at low $400,000's.

People could move in homes off Locan and Teague sometime in late spring 2019.
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