Sandoval trial: 'You couldn't handle the fact that you and Daniel weren't going to be together'

VISALIA, Calif. (KFSN) -- At first, she denied it, but Erika Sandoval eventually confessed to shooting and killing her ex-husband, Exeter Police Officer Daniel Green inside his Goshen home.

She told sheriff's detectives that when she heard Green in the bathroom, she confronted him and started shooting.

"Detective Klaussen said to you, 'Ok was (Green) saying anything to you?' Tulare County Assistant District Attorney David Alavezos said. "And what did you respond?"

"No," Erika Sandoval said, reading from a transcript. "He didn't get a chance to say anything. He knew. He knew I was upset. He knew that, you know, he's done a lot to me."

Last week, Sandoval said she shot him after he said he saw her, said he was going to kill her, and started to stand up.

She said she originally lied to detectives, and when asked why, she said she was scared to talk to Detective Klaussen.

Later on Wednesday, Sandoval said she didn't trust the detectives, because every time she reached out to law enforcement about Green's domestic abuse before, they let her down.

And she said Green always told her that cops looked out for each other.

"And what happened to your trust level when you found out that the lead investigator on this case was friends with Mr. Green?" Dan Chambers, Sandoval's defense attorney, asked her. "It didn't surprise me, but it definitely scared me even more, so I definitely didn't trust him," Sandoval responded.

Sandoval said distrust of law enforcement was also the reason she didn't bring up the photos she says she found in Green's safe moments before she killed him-showing underage girls engaged in sex acts.

"Does it surprise you we haven't seen those pictures?" Chambers asked Sandoval.

"No it doesn't," she said.

Tulare County Assistant District Attorney David Alavezos has continued to argue that Sandoval killed her ex-husband because he had started to see a new woman--looking her up on Facebook, writing her name on a note, and looking at an Instagram photo of them the day before she killed him.

"The reality is in this particular case, you couldn't handle the fact that you and Daniel weren't going to be together, that he had a new girlfriend," Alavezos said. "That made him happy. That meant you were going to be sharing (your son). So you decided you were going to kill him. You left your work and you went to his house. You hid, you waited for him to get in the most vulnerable position he could get in, then you walked in and you shot him."

"No," Sandoval responded.

"No further questions," Alavezos said.

Sandoval finished her testimony later on Wednesday afternoon-her fourth day on the witness stand.

The trial will continue on Thursday, and the jury is expected to begin deliberating sometime next week.
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