What to remember when buying back-to-school supplies

FRESNO, Calif. (KFSN) -- It's one of the busiest times of the year at Best Buy as parents invest in their child's education and new technology.

The National Retail Federation says parents spend $203 per kid on technology.

"Laptops, some programs are doing tablets, some programs are very specific about the laptop whether or not you need an Apple device or Microsoft device. Then you can't forget about the software you need. Some schools use Office," says Best Buy assistant manager JD Brown.

Brown recommends looking over a teachers' list or syllabus before buying pricey technology laptops.

"Your MacBook Air is going to be for your average everyday student - thin and light, easy to fit in your backpack and not weigh you down like the boosts we used to carry around. And your MacBook pros are a little beefier for someone doing something more advanced anything with graphic design or any type of coding."

iPads and Tablets are popular for younger kids. Samsung has tablets, even kids' editions.

Experts say parents will spend about $148 on clothing and accessories.

At Target, employees have been stocking up the shelves with supplies. They say using an app can help you save deals.

"The cartwheel is definitely something I take advantage of. It's an app that gives you additional percentages off items that have discounts. It also works as a price scanner. That's neat for guests," says Darren Anderson of Target.

Teacher Shannon Furtado is out looking for the best deals for her students.

"I do a little price comparison just like grocery shopping before buying school supplies," says Furtado.

Because students are heading back to school at different times this month, retailers are urging parents to shop earlier to avoid stress. Nationwide, experts say families will spend $81 billion on school supplies.
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