New car sharing program comes to Fresno County town

CANTUA CREEK, Calif. (KFSN) -- Friday, the Valley Air District, California Air Resource Board, and other agencies revealed a new program aimed at giving Cantua Creek residents access to free emission vehicles to help with long-distance commutes.

Organizers say residents don't have access to local transportation, furthering difficulties for an area struggling with pollution and travel to more urbanized areas.

As of now, the program has three vehicles, including two Teslas and a Chevy Bolt. Residents are given the option to either rent a vehicle or call to carpool.

Renting a Chevy Bolt costs $5 an hour or $29 per day. However, taking the Tesla is pricey. It's $11 an hour or $89 per day, but it holds more people.

"Tesla is a little expensive for the day, but they split the cost...most rent the Bolt," said Julia Mendoza, who has been designated as one of the carpool drivers.

Organizers say Cantua Creek has less than 500 people, and the nearest grocery store is 30 minutes away, posing difficulty to area members who need to get to a doctor.

"It was tough for them because a lot of them don't have a license, don't know how to drive, or if they had cars... they were in very bad condition," Mendoza said.
Locals can start renting cars as of now and can start downloading the Green Commuter app.
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