Sales soar after judge rules California's decades long ban on large-capacity ammunition magazines unconstitutional

FRESNO, Calif. (KFSN) -- The ads are popping up everywhere.

Gun stores are eagerly welcoming back California customers after the state's nearly twenty-year ban on certain ammunition magazines was declared unconstitutional.

"Immediately we had people calling us and asking us do you have standard capacity magazines, can we buy them are they legal," said Jacob Belemjian, owner of The Firing Line.

The flood of questions started last Friday when a U.S. District Court declared Proposition 63 unconstitutional.

The voter-approved measure banned the possession of magazines holding more than ten bullets. The law calls the magazines "large-capacity," but they are often the standard size for those guns.

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Sheriff Margaret Mims was never a supporter.

"Because gang members, human traffickers, they aren't going to follow any kind of law that restricts their firepower," Mims said. "So the only people that would follow the law are law abiding citizens."

The ruling has prompted a massive shipment of magazines to California.

Local shooting ranges like the Firing Line can't even get the inventory, but the owner doesn't seem to mind.

"This is absolutely is a win for second amendment supporters, this is a win for the constitution, this is a win for freedom in America," Belemjian said.

The ruling already faces challenges though.

California's attorney general intends to appeal it and has already asked a federal judge to delay implementation.
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