Hundreds of animals seized, SPCA says they cracked one of Fresno's biggest cockfighting cases

Fresno, Calif. (KFSN) -- At least 60 roosters were put to death on Friday, after SPCA investigators found almost 250 roosters and hens at a Fresno County property. They say they have cracked one of the biggest cockfighting cases they have seen.

SPCA says somebody reported hearing loud noises coming from roosters at the residence. Investigators were searching the Fresno County property when they found cockfighting equipment-- everything from blades and ropes, to a holding pen. They also found illegal drugs for the animals like vitamins and vaccines, they say these drugs bulk the birds up, making them angry enough to fight.

But even the roosters who survive this type of cruelty may not be able to go back to their natural habitat.

"Unfortunately it's hard to rehab the roosters-- once it's in them they want to fight, so we can't find homes for those and typically they get euthanized, but for the hens we will do our best to go out and find homes for them," said Walter Salvari, SPCA Spokesperson.

The SPCA says the owner of the property turned the birds over to them. Investigators will turn the case over to the District Attorney's office who will decide whether to prosecute them.
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