Fresno Christian's top scoring basketballer is also an accomplished singer

Are you a better basketball player or a better singer?

For Fresno Christian senior Macie Thompson, the answer isn't straight forward.

On the court she's the eagle's top scorer.

Last week she became just the third player in program history to surpass one thousand career points.

"My superintendent actually gave me a thousand pennies for a thousand points which was pretty cool."

But then there's her singing voice-something that's on display before she takes the court.

It was at a Fresno City football game when she was just ten years old that she sang the anthem for the first time.

But she doesn't stop with just the anthem.

"Kind of like the basketball and the singing... I'm like a girl Troy Bolton. But at the same time I'm like no you're not. You're not that cool," she says.

She may try to downplay it, but Macie is the living version of High School Musical. Splitting her time with choir, worship and basketball can be a scheduling nightmare. But this year, the school staff worked together to find a solution.

So back to the question at the start - better at singing, or better at basketball.

Thompson laughs.

"That's a good question! I think I'm a better singer," she says.

"I think she's pretty awesome at both - being the coach I'm going to go with basketball," her coach says.

Next year she plans on going to Clovis Community and hopes to then transfer to Fresno State.

"She's super humble about it. She's not worried about going far and having a career in those things but she could. She could be on a division one basketball team. She could be on one of the best choirs but she just wants to do what God's calling her to do and I think that's pretty cool that she uses all those gifts."

She plans on attending Clovis Community and says her future has more singing than basketball.

"More music than sports. But I'll still definitely play sports with my family or something," Thompson says.
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