Senior Spotlight: Bullard's Student Body President Bailey Arreola is a multi-sport athlete

On this senior spotlight, we feature a student athlete from Bullard High School who is nominated for the B'nai B'rith award. Bailey Arreola has been the student body president for the past two years and is a multi-sport athlete for the knights.

If you go to Bullard High you know the name Bailey Arreola. Whether it's sports, academics, or volunteering she has made her mark on campus.

"She leads the school as the ASB president, every single morning the whole student body hears her lead us in the pledge of allegiance," says Jamie Maxey, Bullard's head softball coach.

The senior was the homecoming queen, is on the leadership team and has volunteered with numerous non-profit organizations.

"I really like working with my teachers, and I feel like I've made really good connections with them. That's another side of my life, I love being active at school and working with people," she says.

The other side of her life is sports. She grew up playing soccer but added volleyball and softball to her repertoire. Coach Maxey actually convinced Bailey to play for the team her sophomore year.

"Her soccer team won the valley championship that year, and I remember watching and thinking we got to get Bailey to play softball," says Maxey.

Coach Maxey made her a left handed hitter because she's fast and thought it would help her to be a slapper.

"Her first game when she went up to bat she forgot that she was a left handed hitter, so she went into the right handed batter's box. I said Bailey and she's like oh yeah. I think she got a hit, she's a pretty phenomenal kid," adds the coach.

Bailey's favorite part about being a multi-sport athlete is the friendships she's made.

"Each team is different, and I think that's what's so special is you have different groups of friends all around campus. That's why I love sports," she says.

Arreola will graduate with a 4.2 grade point average and attend her dream school this fall.

"I've wanted to go to Cal Poly since the 4th grade and I think I knew I wanted to be a physical therapist since then too. I think what drew me was the location mostly."

The senior graduates with an impressive resume and is looking forward to getting involved on campus at Cal Poly.

"When you do as many things as you can, it just makes you more well-rounded. You just meet different kind of people instead of stirring in one path."

Coach Maxey adds: "She kind of exemplifies confidence, poise, and makes what she does look easy."
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