Visalia man continues authentication process for Babe Ruth memorabilia card

FRESNO, Calif. (KFSN) -- The authentication process of the Babe Ruth card in question is not yet complete, but Dale Ball of Visalia believes it to be genuine.

"That came from card dealers, auction people, antique dealers. Most of them have never seen anything like it in their life," Ball said.

Ball claims no one has been able to prove it is a fake.

"It's not a baseball card. It's memorabilia. It was made for a game Shotwell was producing in 1921," he said.

A family friend asked Ball if he was interested in buying a collection of old memorabilia which included old Ty Cobb cards.

That's when Ball contacted his old friend Lorenzo Neal, former Fresno State and NFL fullback, Lorenzo Neal.

"He calls me and says Lo, come over and bring your checkbook. I just hit the mother lode. What are you talking about?" Neal said.

Ball seems to have his whole future laid out in front of a table.

Ball's been collecting since he was a kid but he believes the cards and books now in his possession will someday attract high bids.

"Hopefully it's not fools gold. I wrote a pretty big check," Neal said.

Time will tell. Ball bought the Babe Ruth card from a Reno card shop a month ago for two bucks.

Ball's attorney tells me they're still waiting to hear from experts before they make their next move.
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