MMA fighter who escaped from prison found hiding in trash can

Monday, February 4, 2019
Neighbors react to arrest of escaped inmate
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Cedric Joseph Marks was hidding right under the noses of police officers for hours.

CONROE, Texas -- Authorities say they have arrested an escaped prisoner in Texas after they tracked him down to a trash can in the backyard of a home, less than a mile from where he escaped.

Cedric Joseph Marks has three pending murder charges and is a professional MMA fighter.

On Sunday morning, the Montgomery County Sheriff's Office and Conroe Police Department said they were searching for Marks in Conroe, Texas.

Marks had escaped from a private prisoner transport when they stopped at McDonald's. He was found a few hours later, in the backyard of a home.

Police say he was hiding in a 55-gallon trash can less than a mile from the McDonald's parking lot.

At the time of the escape, police say Marks had leg restraints, hand restraints, and belly restraints, and are unsure how he was able to remove them.

Law enforcement obtained video from a business nearby that showed Marks wandering in the area eight hours earlier. That's when they decided to sweep the area again.

Jason Choat, a resident, had just arrived home when he noticed officers making their way down his street. He knew they were still looking for Marks and he worried about going back in his home.

"I flagged them down and asked them if they could sweep my backyard," Choat said.

As officers approached Choat's home, their K9 alerted them to the backyard where Marks was found in a garbage can.

WATCH: Conroe PD release details of escapee's capture

Marks was in transport from Michigan after being captured by the US Marshal's for a warrant for burglary.

He also has warrants for the murders of two people.