Push to ban TikTok could impact some Valley businesses

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Saturday, November 12, 2022
Push to ban TikTok could impact some Valley businesses
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A push to ban TikTok in the US by the FCC commissioner and most recently, Senators Gallagher and Rubio, has users wondering what the future holds.

FRESNO, Calif. (KFSN) -- You've seen the tricked-out rides while scrolling the feeds of celebrities like Zac Efron and Olympic gold medalist Shaun White.

"Jimmy Buffett has also bought two vans from us," says Field Van President Jonny Feld. "He's on social media as well, so it's fun seeing these celebrities with their Field vans on social media posting about it interacting."

Fresno-based Field Van transforms vehicles into everything from campers to mobile offices.

In business since 1989, the company re-branded in 2020, but Jonny Feld says the ways of building a brand have changed since the company's inception.

"It used to be putting flyers on people's windshields, and that was a big form of advertising," he said. "Now it's moved on to YouTube, Instagram, Facebook and Tiktok."

One of five FCC commissioners is now pushing to ban TikTok in the U-S, a move Feld says shouldn't panic business owners.

"If it's a matter of national security, that's more important than our marketing plans," he said.

"There is a concern, but that isn't the entire marketing strategy for any of the companies," says The Table Tyke owner Berlyn Haughton.

We first introduced you to Haughton when her viral TikTok spiked her sales.

The Fresno mom says social media has been crucial in creating brand awareness and generating sales at little to no cost.

"Social media has been hugely impactful in being able to reach a wide audience with a very limited budget," she said.

Two years into business, she's diversified the platforms she's on, even launching on Amazon.

"We had a goal of doubling our sales last year, and we're almost at four times that," she said.

Marketing experts say there are benefits to testing out which platforms work for your audience and brand.

"You always need social media, it's never going away," says PREM PR & Social CEO Marilyn Cowley. "You need to be on it at least for branding purposes."