The hottest toys and tech this holiday season

FRESNO, Calif. (KFSN) -- The official start of the busy holiday shopping season does not begin until Friday but many people are already thinking about their wish list.

And what to get that special child or adult on your shopping list that has everything.

From tech to toys, we want to take the stress out of holiday shopping.

Jessalyn says the Imaginenext Bat Bot Extreme is a must have for that little superhero in your life.

All kids love animals many will ask for a dog or cat this Christmas imagine being the parent who brings home a tiger. The Fur-Real Tiger makes a great practice pet -- it retails for $130 and can do over a hundred different sounds and emotion combinations.

Baby Alive comes out of the box ready to be natured and cared for she's got different accessories and reacts to all of them.

"This would be perfect for little girls that want to take care of a baby," said Jessalyn.

New and improved Hatchimals are back in 2017 and this year they are doubling the fun inside the magical speckled egg for $60 -- let them hatch and watch two interact with each other.

"They're like twins they have wings...they're super adorable."

Little girls will love this new item from Netflix fame, Project MC2 is a smart pixel purse your little fashionista can digitally create with ease.

Just like the box says, inflate stick and create part bubbles, part balloons. You might want to have Oonies under the tree this year you can pick up a starter kit for around $30.

From the smallest tykes in your life to big kids you cannot ignore some of those high demand tech gifts on your shopping list.

Astro Ramirez from Best Buy says shoppers are already snatching up home device ideas, Amazon has unveiled new versions of its Echo.

"The echo is the best one if you want to get into the smart ho maybe your security cameras," said Astro.

Smart security could make the perfect gift this year ring now offers a wide range of home cameras that start at under $200.

Astro said, "From your smart phone you can see who passes has motion detection built'll get a notification of the recording or everytime someone presses it...your phone will start buzzing and you can answer it from your end."

Experts say other presents that are sure to please are drones, Mavic seems to be the hot maker in 2017.

Noise-canceling wireless headphones are sure to be a big hit this year pickup these Beats by Dre before they are gone.

"Instead of having to go into the blue tooth menu and traditional blue tooth'll pair them for you and its tied into your iCloud account," said Astro.

Virtual reality gaming is also on the holiday hit list this year -- particularly this star wars feature that retails for $200

"Rather than put you in a different world from the beginning it essentially overlays over the world we're already in."

Apple continues to introduce products we never thought we needed and here they are dominating most wish lists with the new Series 3 I-Watch, it acts independently from your iPhone.

"You'll still be getting your incoming phone calls your text messages and still make outgoing phone calls right from the watch...does it tell time haha."

Most of these items will go on sale this week but do not wait too long to cross them off your shopping list these hot toys and high demand tech gifts could be gone before you know.
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