Fresno-based company releasing new movie as theaters reopen

FRESNO, Calif. (KFSN) -- Instead of enjoying a scenic getaway, this couple will spend much of their time trying to get away.

"It's very tense, very awkward at times, dark and suspenseful," says Tremendum Pictures Co-FOunder Chris Lofing.

Lofing and Travis Cluff are the creative minds behind Tremendum Pictures.

A smart home is the setting for "Held," a creepy story that takes place inside of a high-end rental, which was actually a friend's home.

"The primary location of the movie is in Old Fig," Cluff said. "It's a really neat mid-century house."

Even some of the actors are local.

Lead actress Jill Awbrey is from Clovis. She actually wrote the script for the movie.

Movie-goers will be able to leave the house to watch this movie.

"Magnolia, which is releasing the film, has shown that they feel that the movie can do strongly in theaters and so far, it's going to be released in at least 80 theaters nationwide," Cluff said.

The independent filmmakers spent much of their time during the pandemic editing a movie they shot in 2019.

"Last year, we were in post-production on this movie Held," Lofing said. "We were locked down like everyone else but thankfully, we had plenty to do on our computer."

For Cluff and Lofing, a return to normalcy means it's time to scare people again.
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