16-year-old girl arrested after stabbing 2 family members in Tulare County

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Sunday, May 14, 2023
16-year-old girl arrested after stabbing 2 family members in Tulare County
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Tulare County Sheriff Deputies say a 16-year-old girl has been arrested after stabbing two of her family members Saturday afternoon.

TULARE COUNTY, Calif. (KFSN) -- A stabbing in Exeter sends one man to the hospital.

Police said it happened near Avenue 300 and Road 192 a little after Noon on Saturday.

A 16-year-old girl stabbed her mother and brother.

"The 16-year-old suspect told deputies her brother, who has a criminal history was being inappropriate with her, and she stabbed her brother and her mother," said Spokeswoman for the Tulare County Sheriff's Office, Ashley Ritchie.

She said the mother was treated for minor injuries at the crime scene. The brother was taken to a nearby hospital where he's seeking medical treatment. He's expected to make a full recovery. Detectives are still trying to figure out if this is a case of self-defense.

"She was taken into custody. Obviously, deputies are still talking to her and investigating the situation or whatever it was that happened before the stabbing," said Ritchie.

Neighbors tell Action News, there are reoccurring disturbances at the family home.

Tulare County Sheriff's Office said the brother who was stabbed has a known criminal history.

"He is under investigation for a separate incident that's under review at the district attorney's office," said Ritchie.

Investigators hope to find some resolution in this complex case.

"It's obviously unfortunate when a family situation unfolds like this so we're hoping for any kind of positive outcome. And if anything, if what the victim or the suspect rather is saying is true, to hopefully get help for her in that way. And if not, we're just glad the injuries were not fatal,"

It's still unclear if the teenage girl will be charged with any crime. As this case continues to be investigated, police are encouraging anyone with information to come forward.

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