Woodlake cop's arrest complicates cases, including 2017 officer-involved shooting

VISALIA, Calif. (KFSN) -- The Woodlake Police officer accused of sexually assaulting at least two women under color of authority was back in a Tulare County courtroom this afternoon for his arraignment.

Oscar Robles faces life in prison for his crimes.

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He's charged with twelve felonies related to on-duty sexual assaults of two women, but the Tulare County Sheriff's Office believes there are more victims.

"He's a guy who's been out there enforcing the law and upholding the law so for him this is a total nightmare, and he is really clear in his denial that any of this is true," said Robles' attorney Jack Revvill. "It's not the DeAngelo case," Revvill added. "It's not the Visalia Ransacker, the Golden State Killer. This is a much different scenario."

The Tulare County District Attorney's Office says they will review the 20 pending cases Robles' is involved with as a cop.

Considering the charges, ABC30 Legal Analyst Tony Capozzi says no prosecutor would put Robles on the stand as a witness.

"They can't vouch for his credibility," Capozzi said. "It's completely shot for any case that he's been involved with."

Earlier this year, Doug Hurt filed a federal civil rights lawsuit against Officer Robles, an Exeter Police officer, and a Tulare County Sheriff's Deputy.

His client, Adonis Serna, was left paralyzed after an officer-involved shooting near Woodlake High School in April of 2017.

The shooting, Hurt says, was completely unjustified.

"My client is sitting in a stopped vehicle, unarmed, 18-years-old, and Officer Robles shot him in the back five times," Hurt said. "An Exeter police officer shot once."

Hurt says Robles contradicted initial statements he gave about the shooting at a hearing that's part of the criminal case against Serna (prosecutors filed felony assault charges against him).

Then, Hurt heard about Robles' arrest.

"It confirmed though, on a practical level, that this is a bad cop, that he lies," Hurt said. "There are other stories of aggressive violence against Woodlake's citizens, and that everything we were saying in our case as to what happened is true."

The civil suit against Robles is on hold while the criminal case against Serna moves forward.

But Hurt thinks it should be dropped, given Robles' role in the shooting and the disturbing allegations against him.

Robles is scheduled to be back in court in Visalia on Monday.

He's being held in the Kings County Jail for his protection.

He's on paid administrative leave with Woodlake Police.
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