Good Sports: From Bullard High to Harvard Law, former Knight makes cameo in Pharrell music video to create change

FRESNO, Calif. (KFSN) -- A former Bullard High football player is using his Ivy League education to make a difference in kids' lives.

With a strong support system, TyAnthony Davis grew up in Fresno believing he could accomplish anything.

"If you would've asked me in the second grade I would've told you I wanted to be president of the United States," he says.

While at Bullard, Davis played offensive tackle for head football coach Don Arax.

A Yale coach came for a visit and David jumped at the chance for an Ivy League education. From there he got his masters in education at UNLV before attending Harvard Law.

"He's one of the most outstanding Fresno Unified graduates in the past 25 years, not just Bullard but the entire school district," says Coach Arax.

After two years at a law firm in LA, the 33-year-old founded the Vox Collegiate Charter School in Watts.

"He said, 'Mom I cannot spend the rest of my life making the rich richer, I have to give back'," says his mother, Sonia Davis.

His goal was to help provide opportunities to kids.

"They're the students where stories are written about them needing to overcome challenges. I want to tell their story and give them a chance to tell their story," he says.

In addition to being the head of the school overseeing 150 students, Davis is also back in the classroom - virtually.

"I'm actually teaching 8th-grade math and science this year."

Vox Collegiate is in its third year of infancy and is already receiving national attention.

Thanks to a connection from his older brother Archie, Ty got a cameo in Jay-Z and Pharrell's new music video - Entrepreneur.

"The idea of highlighting black men and black women who are leading a self-fulfilled life and really choosing their American dream... If I can be a little bit of a model of that for my students, in-between them making fun of me for being bald at 33, I will embrace being that example for them," he says.

Davis says opportunity has been the name of the game and wants to give that to more kids. He has hopes of getting involved with the Bullard Law magnet program.

"that's something I would like to put my stamp on and turn into a pretty magical place."

He's a lawyer and educator whose inspiration stems from his high school football coach 15 years ago.

"The smartest thing Fresno Unified could do is bring back Ty Davis to the district," says Coach Arax.

"He could go on to be superintendent of our district or another one, state superintendent or beyond, governor is not out of reach for him. That's what an outstanding outlier he is."
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