Board of Education Votes to Place Bond Measure on November Ballot

The Fresno Unified Board of Education voted on Aug. 10 to move forward on placing a local school bond measure -- Measure X -- on the Nov. 8 ballot.

If approved by voters, the $225 million Measure X would fund projects across the district that support classroom education, the repair of neighborhood schools and student safety. The measure would maintain the current authorized tax rate and would build on past investments as detailed in the Facilities Master Plan.

Community meetings will be held in each comprehensive high school region to receive input on prioritizing facilities needs and reviewing updated high school site master plans. The board will consider community input when identifying facilities priorities.

Consistent with the $280 million Measure Q bond passed in 2010, this new bond measure will address the district's continuing need to repair and renovate schools by putting local taxpayer dollars to work in implementing the next phase of the district's facilities program.

The district conducted an opinion poll in April 2016, revealing that 74% of likely voters support the bond. Another poll in July 2016 estimated a 79% approval rate when the new bond was measured against two state initiatives on the Nov. 8 ballot -- Proposition 51, a statewide bond, and Proposition 55, an extension of the 2012 tax increase to support K-12 education and community colleges.

Fresno Unified Bond
Measure X


To attract/retain quality teachers and repair/upgrade schools by:
  • Improving classrooms, career-technical facilities, science labs, technology
  • Repairing deteriorating restrooms, plumbing, air conditioning, wiring
  • Removing asbestos / lead hazards
  • Upgrading security cameras, lighting, fencing, fire safety
  • Renovating, building, acquiring facilities / equipment
  • Securing state funds

Shall Fresno Unified School District issue $225 million in bonds, at legal rates, requiring audits, citizens' oversight, no money for administrators' salaries, all funds spent locally?