Not in the Valentine's Day mood? This Fresno business will help you get rid of your ex's junk instead

FRESNO, Calif. (KFSN) -- Valentine's Day is a chance for all of us to profess our love for that special someone in our lives.

Whether you're spending $10 or $1,000, a number of businesses offer that perfect way to celebrate the holiday.


"I asked my sweetheart this morning, 'What would you like for Valentine's Day?' 'She said, 'Not candy because you'll eat it all and it's not for me'," says Fresno resident Danny Contreas.

So if candy is not an option, the folks at D & L Roses in north Fresno know a thing or two about surprising your honey.

Staff here has been prepping bouquets for the last week and a half in anticipation of Valentine's Day.

Management calls Valentine's Day the biggest moneymaker of the year, far surpassing sales on the next closest holiday - Mother's Day.

"Ironically we always say everyone has a mother, not everyone has a lover, but the sales on Valentine's Day is a lot more," says James Hensley of D & L Roses.

But for those looking for more offbeat options, the Valley is happy to oblige.


Turlock's Ranch of Horrors has a service that will make your significant other's heart stop - their Valentine's Day grams are delivered by creepy clowns.

One recipient was caught off guard when he opened his office door to find a large scary clown standing there with a bouquet of balloons.


And just in case you're not feeling Valentine's Day, the Junk King helped jilted lovers this year unclutter their home and their heart.

"For people that have been dumped or dumped their exes, if they have these little things laying around or are still a little bit tied to, we thought what better way? We'll donate the space, come drop the space off for free and have a great Valentine's Day moving forward," says Wes Burgess of Junk King.
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