Madera Co. sheriff's deputy helps woman he grew up with deliver baby at home

FRESNO, Calif. (KFSN) -- It was the end of Sergeant Jacob Tallmon's shift when a 911 call came in out of North Fork.

The Madera County Sheriff's Deputy arrived before paramedics could.

"It was utter chaos, but that is what having a home birth unexpectedly with all your kids looks like," Tallmon said.

A woman was giving birth, but this woman was no stranger to Tallmon. He and Brandy Augsburger both grew up together in North Fork.

Her contractions were getting closer together.

"They got to two minutes apart and I was like, 'Okay, it is time to go,' but then I had a contraction and I could feel the pressure, and I knew we wouldn't make it," Augsburger said.

The closest hospital was at least 30 minutes away and the newest addition didn't want to wait that long.

Tallmon, who has proper EMT training, stepped in to help deliver the baby.

"That moment of relief when that baby breathes and everybody is happy and everybody is good is a good way to end a shift," Tallmon said.

Augsburger gave birth to a healthy baby girl.

"She is a good baby so far," Ausburger said.

Tallmon was among the first people to take a picture with her. He says it's moments like these that make his job even more rewarding.

"Let's not sugar coat it too much," Tallmon said. "There are some things you see in this job, but when you do the good things and you see the good things, you really need to grab hold of it and celebrate it."
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