Another massive granite slab breaks off of El Capitan in Yosemite National Park

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Yosemite said on its Twitter page that the park was closing a road on the north side of the park. (Peter Zabrok)

Yosemite said on its Twitter page that the park was closing a road on the north side of the park because of the rock fall. Officials advised visitors to use the southern access road.
A second massive rock fall has hit Yosemite National Park on Thursday, a day after a slab dropped from El Capitan, killing a British climber and injuring a second.

Park rangers say it happened in the same spot as Wednesday's incident. However, this rock fall was much larger--luckily, this time no one was killed.

"A crack and a bunch of noise and then just smoke started coming down like crazy," said visitor Jenny Boyd.

A massive cloud of dust filled Yosemite Valley after another rock fall came tumbling down El Capitan.

Park rangers confirmed it happened near where another set of rocks fell on Wednesday--killing one man, and seriously injuring a woman.

Jenny Boyd says she was driving out of the park when it happened.

"My wife is pregnant. My first reaction was to get her out and start running. It's pretty scary stuff I hope everyone's okay that was in front of us," said Boyd.

Cars were forced to turn around in the haze. One climber captured video as the rocks alongside the granite structure broke off--falling hundreds of feet down the mountain.

He says the rocks came off of the same spot where granite slabs fell a day earlier--killing a climber visiting from Great Britain.

Tom Evans says he saw the deadly rock fall on Wednesday, counting at least six times when rocks fell.

He caught the rescue from behind his lens and soon after he started to hear more rocks fall.

"You start to hear boom boom when the big rocks are hitting on the face--so that was a big fall. The dust rose and everybody around froze and everyone was like oh my God," said Evans.

Drivers were stuck for hours--many trying to leave in case more rocks tumbled down.
Park rangers say they are working on clearing the road. They are also turning one of the one-way roads into a two-way road so drivers can leave the park.
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