Doctor with office in Fresno facing sanctions because of several sexual-related complaints by patients

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A medical doctor with offices in Fresno and San Diego is facing serious sanctions by the medical board. (KFSN)

A medical doctor with offices in Fresno and San Diego is facing serious sanctions by the medical board.

Doctor Anthony Bianchi is working in a medical facility specializing in worker's compensation and urgent care, but there are very strict guidelines about the patients he can see based on the allegations revealed in a disciplinary order now in effect.

"What I'm really surprised about in this case is why hasn't this person been prosecuted? From what I've read in the allegations here, if the allegations are true, if they are true, it's sexual assault," said Tony Capozzi, ABC30 Legal Analyst.

No one answered the door at the doctor's last known address which is an apartment in North Fresno.

The obstetrician and gynecologist who specialized in women's reproductive health and delivering babies, has now joined a group of doctors hundreds of miles from the San Diego area.

His punishment includes no longer being able to be in private practice or see female patients.

Records released by the medical board reveal one patient reported the doctor fondled her after placing a chair against the door.

Capozzi says the stipulated settlement that both parties agreed on will mean Bianchi is closely monitored.

"Not only that, he has to have a psychiatric evaluation, he has to seek psychotherapy, he has to go into a program to determine whether or not he has competency to be a doctor."

He must also notify any hospital where he has privileges about the discipline action against him.

Calls were not returned from Bianchi at his Fresno office. But, the website where he works says he was the medical director for a men's recovery program in Riverside and is also registered to give dot physicals.

Doctor Bianchi has been on probation for the past two years. Records show a total of three patients said the doctor made unwanted advances toward them.
All appear very similar in nature.

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