Fresno car enthusiast speaks out against 'sideshows'

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A local car club says those involved in Sunday's attack on a CHP officer give car enthusiasts a bad look. And now police say if anybody advertises a street racing event on social media, officers will find it. (KFSN)

After an impromptu car show in broad daylight led to the attack on a California Highway Patrol cruiser and Valley car enthusiasts are speaking out to support law enforcement.

Fresno Police arrested three men Friday and are looking for several others. Police have a plan of attack now. Instead of a few officers, a whole fleet will be called in. They said if anybody advertises a street racing event on social media officers say they will find it.

A proud culture of celebrating horsepower took the form of a violent melee last Sunday and ended to the horror of police with a CHP cruiser badly battered.

"We're just not going to stand for it, and I know CHP isn't either," Lt. Joe Gomez with the Fresno Police Department said. "So, it's time."

Video of the encounter spread in the car enthusiast world and prompted quick condemnation. Bucky Hoholik is one of many who posted his outrage on social media.

"If you are breaking the law you shouldn't be bashing a cop car for no reason," Hoholik said. "Cops didn't do nothing. They were there do make sure nobody got hurt, to prevent it from escalating."

Officers know the troublemakers are only a small group in the community and lately many are driving down from the Bay Area. So, they've developed a more concrete response plan by throwing all available resources to stop these sideshows from terrorizing neighborhoods.

"They are going to be arrested if we can arrest them, they are going to get tickets and their vehicles are going to be towed," Gomez said. "So they won't be doing this for long."

Three men involved in the street racing are in custody and Hoholik said real car clubs don't go out and do donuts. They are people who actively help the community.

"A lot of them are more family and friend-oriented BBQ's and then people come up and do the stuff they are doing now, put a target on everyone's back," he said.

And in November they hope to stop some of the hate and misunderstanding by supporting the blue. They plan to hold a car show in their honor.

"A lot of these people are trying to lay low because they don't want to be profiled by police for something they are not involved in," Hoholik said. "We all work better if we are together on the same page."

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