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Meet 11-year-old Aidan Nelson, an Oakland Raiders and Golden State Warriors fanatic.

Athletes and teams can be a source of inspiration especially for their young fans. Meet 11-year-old Aidan Nelson, an Oakland Raiders fanatic.

"It's kind of fun to look up stuff about different players and see which teams I would want to like," said Aidan Nelson.

While it takes a team to win a title, there is one player who's caught Aidan's eye.

"There is all different good players and that Derek Carr is on the Raiders and he's somewhat local," said Nelson.

Aidan met Derek Carr this past spring at the Carr Elite Camp in Bakersfield.

"Just his face, he was just ecstatic to be there and experience it and to kind of do what he sees on TV to be able to experience it himself," said Aidan's mother Elisha Nelson.

A few months later the connection with Carr would become closer when Aidan made a trip to Valley Children's Hospital after feeling discomfort in his neck. The diagnosis, Diffuse Midline Glioma on the spine.

"He had to have an emergency surgery because it was going to the neck and basically when they did the tumor resection surgery he was paralyzed from the neck down. Out of all the pediatric cancers, it's probably one percent that have this type of tumor in the country," said Elisha Nelson.

Aidan spent two months in the hospital and upon hearing of his condition, Carr sent one of his biggest fans a personalized video.
"Hey Aidan this is Derek Carr, love you man. Praying for you. I hope this video finds you encouraged and strong, just wanted to let you know that I've been praying for you and I hope to see you soon," said Carr in a video.

"When you are kind of in your darkest days sometimes in a hospital room and just to get something from an athlete you love, it's just priceless," said Elisha Nelson.

It's priceless, just like the next experience with a sports superstar, Warriors guard and 2-time NBA MVP Stephen Curry who Aidan met in December during a Make-A-Wish trip to the Bay Area. Aidan attended Warriors practice and a game against the Knicks in which Steph wore a special something on his wrist.

"A blue and yellow 'Fighting for Aidan' bracelet. I think it's pretty cool that he does that," said Aidan Nelson.

"It's overwhelming it brings a lot of joy to me to see someone do that for my son taking the time out of their day to do that is pretty incredible," said Elisha Nelson

Carr and Curry going beyond touchdowns and three's, fighting for Aidan.

Aidan's visit with Steph Curry was made possible with help from the Central California Make a Wish organizations. For more information on how to help, visit their website by clicking here.

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