Fresno State struggling with immigration restrictions and what they could mean for their campus

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President Trump's executive order has brought on many more questions and uncertainty for students. (KFSN)

Doctor Arezoo Sadrinezhad is a civil engineering professor at Fresno State; she was born in Iran before moving to the U.S. six years ago to attend the University of Akron in Ohio on a student visa.

If Dr. Sadrinezhad were a student under President Trump's executive order she would not be allowed in the United States because Iran is one of the seven countries where travel is banned.

"I understand-- Iran does not have a good relationship with the U.S. They have political issues, I agree, I know that, but is this my fault-- obviously not."

Dr. Sadrinezhad's world has been turned upside down in the aftermath of last week's executive order. Because of all the travel restrictions she was forced to cancel two international business trips and is now struggling with the real life possibility that her dad, who lives in Iran, will not be allowed to attend her San Diego wedding this August.

"I get emotional when I talk about it because my dad means a lot to me, and it would be really hard if something happens and I won't be able to see him before."

President Trump's executive order has brought on many more questions and uncertainty for students. Stacy Fahrenthold sees it firsthand teaching Islamic world history at Fresno State.

"As educators we have students in our classrooms who are dealing with the additional stress of an uncertain vague immigration status."

Restricting international students could have a negative impact on not only Fresno State but universities across the country.

"We will see enrollments drop, we will see programs begin to struggle, we will see the diversity, not only among students but among faculty and staff, will no longer be here," said Fahrenthold.

"We are trying our best to survive and then getting kicked out of the country after you're a permanent resident, or you're here, just doesn't make sense," said Dr. Sadrinezhad.

At Fresno State there are 15 students from the seven countries on the President's travel ban list.

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