Thieves breaking into cars at record pace but Fresno Police say residents can stop the crime wave

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Fresno Police are getting reports of more than a dozen car burglaries every day. (KFSN)

Fresno Police are getting reports of more than a dozen car burglaries every day.

"Vehicles that are having their windows smashed and property removed from inside, that is laptops, wallets, purses, briefcases that are left inside of the vehicle in plain view," said Jerry Dyer, Fresno Police Chief.

Dyer blames drug addicts and the homeless for most of the crimes. By day, they take place in business parking lots, at night, on residential streets. Police Captain Phil Cooley said drivers are making their vehicles easy targets.

"Most of the vehicle burglaries occur when people just leave their items in plain view."

Taking valuables out of the car, or at least concealing them, is the easiest thing to do. But if you are burglarized, police are changing the way they respond.

"Effective immediately there will be no more reporting of vehicle burglaries online, through our e-reporting system, each and every one of those cases is going to require a response," said Dyer.

So from now on, victims of vehicle break-in should call police. An officer or Cadet will either respond in person or over the phone. Chief Dyer said that way police can get more information and speed the capture of suspects

Police are warning women not to leave their purses in the car. They say there are instances of thieves lurking in parking lots and if they see a woman going in without a purse they are likely to break into her car.

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