Hanford area mother accused of killing two-month-old infant, investigators say

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On Thursday, Kings County deputies arrested 40-year-old Veronica Brouwer for killing a two-month-old. (KFSN)

For the second time in a week deputies rushed to a South Valley home where a call to revive an unresponsive baby ended with charges against the mother.

On Wednesday, 24-year-old Tracy Rodriquez was arrested for killing a 1 month old. Then on Thursday, Kings County deputies arrested 40-year-old Veronica Brouwer for killing a two-month-old.

Deputies said Brouwer's baby suffered two severe injuries to the head and that the parents initially gave different variations about what happened. There's no motive for either killing but doctors say in some cases, extreme depression can lead to these violent behaviors.

"Depression runs the whole gambit from very mild and self limited to so sever that it drives itself to you know things like mania, psychosis, suicide, homicide, which are much more rare, but they do happen," said Dr. Shawn Hersevoort, Psychiatrist.

Experts said they don't know what triggered these parents but say one in seven women suffer from postpartum depression. And if it goes untreated-- can affect the mother's health and the baby's development.

"There's a whole list of things they can end up with you know, just poor psycho-social skills, motor skills, lower IQ, more interpersonal and psychological problems later in life," said Dr. Hersevoort.

Doctors say it is important that families looks out for signs like behavioral changes, crying, or a mother not bonding with her baby.

"Although it's possible to become psychotic overnight, it's very rare, these things don't develop in a second," said Dr. Hersevoort.

Psychiatrists say mothers sometimes are ashamed to ask for help but it's important to talk to your doctor-- because many of these severe cases can be prevented.

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