New exhibit at Fresno Fair to teach kids about water supply

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The realistic affects you see are video and light projected onto a model. The snowpack sends rushing water (KFSN)

The realistic effects you see are video and light projected onto a model. The snowpack sends rushing water into our rivers and lakes. Projection mapping effectively tells the story of the valley watershed.

"People can understand this concept but they can't necessarily visualize this concept so it allows people to actually see what's happening," said Project Manager Jason Dean.

Dean is the Meyers water bank and wildlife project manager, a place where a large amount of irrigation water is stored underground.

The exhibit shows how a rainstorm or a snowstorm delivers water into a reservoir and fills up the underground aquifer.

"It's hard to see that in your mind what's going on so that was the whole idea behind this was to provide that picture for people," said Dean.

The creative minds at monster city studios also programmed the exhibit to go into drought mode.

"You'll see the rivers get really shallow, a lot of rocks."

The water supply dries up and you can even see the impact of the bark beetle on the trees. James Powell says this display is breaking new ground.

"It's actually the way that movies are made now with CGI but we're combining what they usually would call practical models, a physical three-dimensional model, and we're projecting that CGI onto the physical model. Something that's never really been done before and we've done it first at Monster City Studios in Fresno, California," said Powell.

You will be able to find this exhibit at the Meyers water tree at the Big Fresno Fair. The details are astounding. Lights and shadows produced this sprinkler irrigating a field.

"It is amazing what this technology can do. We're really impressed."

"It's basically like 3D painting."

Anything from a swimming fish to our logo can be projected.

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