Fresno felon turned social media darling out of jail after pleading guilty

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Ponce appeared bashful in front of cameras as she ran from the Fresno County jail Wednesday. (KFSN)

Mirella Ponce appeared bashful in front of cameras as she ran from the Fresno County jail Wednesday.

Her demeanor was in stark contrast to the last time she posed for the camera --booking photo that turned her into a social media sensation.

At first, Ponce did not want to talk. Fresno Police arrested her last month for possession of a loaded gun while traveling with her baby and two other gang members. She took a deal, pleading guilty to a single felony while three other charges were dropped.

"Being in there opened my eyes. It was only a week and two days but that week and two days felt like years and years, it felt like hell."

When Ponce finally opened up to us, she sounded remorseful. She says her focus now is less on fame and more on becoming a better mother.

"It wasn't like I was going to do a drive-by, it was a friend's birthday, we were going to celebrate, but I made the mistake to carry my daughter and my gun at the same time, but she wasn't in any danger, I wouldn't do it again."

Ponce's mugshot quickly gained her the name hot felon online. Her picture had more than 5,000 Facebook shares--some commenters, even offered to pay her bail. Although no one actually went that far.

"I'm a mother of two, twenty at that, to have your mugshot blasted everywhere that's pretty embarrassing."

Ponce says she is hoping this is a turning point. Already there are talks about a possible modeling career, posing for a different kind of camera.

"My mom has always told me, oh you are so beautiful why are you doing bad things, you could try to pursue a career like that, it's crazy this is what it took for me to learn my lesson."

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