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Fresno domestic violence sweep led to 30 arrests

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This mission will likely continue into Friday, and similar operations are planned for the rest of the summer. (KFSN)

More than two dozen people were arrested in what police are calling a "domestic violence sweep." They don't always catch up with the people they're after and this time around their list of suspects was pretty long, but they're calling this mission a success as 30 people are now facing new charges.

Officer Tom Gregory with the Fresno Police Department said, "He was in possession of a small amount of marijuana which is a violation of his probation conditions."

Gregory and Richard Badilla are members of the violent crime impact team. Their latest mission is to track those who are involved in domestic violence.

We were there as they arrested a man who happened to be violating his probation, and Officer Gregory has arrested him before. He was taken into custody, as was another man who told us his name is John and that he was wanted for nothing more serious than a parking ticket. Police say he's wanted for assault on a peace officer.

John went on to explain that he was the one who was attacked not the other way around. He was taken to jail as part of the two day operation. More than a dozen officers are knocking on doors armed with mug shots and names.

Although they're not always successful. Officer Richard Badilla with the Fresno Police said, "This particular female she had a warrant for domestic violence, felony section, a restraining order related to domestic violence".

The woman they were after wasn't there, meaning police move on to the next suspect, the next neighborhood. They're admittedly concerned as they often arrest the same people - a problem they attribute to jail overcrowding.

Officer Gregory said, "It can be frustrating, but it's what we do, we can't deal with or worry about what the jail system does."

And they say even jail overcrowding won't stop their efforts to put criminals behind bars.

This mission will likely continue into Friday, and similar operations are planned for the rest of the summer.

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