2 men killed in separate shootings in Los Banos over the weekend, police investigating as homicides

Los Banos Police are investigating two homicides that happened this weekend.

The first occurred around 11:40 pm on Saturday in the 100 block of West I Street. Authorities say a man in his twenties was shot to death in the parking lot of an apartment complex. Detectives are still piecing together evidence and working to identify the suspect or suspects.

The second homicide happened shortly after 5pm Sunday. Investigators say there was an argument in the parking lot of a gas station in the 1500 block of West Pacheco Boulevard. The people involved started to drive away, but at some point at least one round was fired from one of the vehicles, hitting the driver of another vehicle. That victim is also a man in his twenties, and the search for suspects continues.

Police say they do not believe the two cases are related at this point, and they do not believe there is any connection to the protests that are happening across the country. Both investigations are in their early stages, and detectives are continuing to follow up on possible leads.
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