Boy, 5, dies after he's hit by stray bullet while recording TikTok videos with dad on balcony

HOUSTON, Texas -- A 5-year-old has died a week after he was hit by a stray bullet while playing on his family's balcony, according to his family and the medical examiner.

Jordan Allen Jr. was not the intended target, according to police.

It happened last Tuesday around 9 p.m. in Houston.

The family was sitting on the porch on the second floor balcony.

"The happiest child in the world. Jordan.... he would bring joy to everybody," said the boy's dad, Jordan Allen Sr.

Monday morning would be the last time Allen would see his son. The child was taken off life support at Texas Children's Hospital about a week after he was shot in the head.

"He just told me to get him some juice, that's why I stepped in the house to get him some juice," Allen recalled.
Police said the family was enjoying their night when they heard five to six gunshots in the parking lot.

The next thing Allen heard was his son pleading for help.

"Everybody ran in the house and the kids' room in the house, so I ran to the porch, and then I see my son on the ground holding his head asking for my help," Allen said.

After the shooting, Jordan's dad took him and flagged down an ambulance.

The shooter sped off.
Allen said he is now trying to figure out how he'll lay his son to rest.

Houston police said the investigation is ongoing.
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