8-year-old escapes after being abducted from home in Fresno County

An eight-year-old is home safe tonight -- after he was kidnapped right outside of his home in Fresno County.

The boy was playing by himself by a canal near Peach and Nebraska Wednesday night, when he says a man grabbed him from behind, covered his eyes, and picked him up and began running.

He then took the boy to a white pick-up truck and threw him in the bed of the truck and lowered the cover.

The truck stopped a short time later -- and the boy made a decision to try and escape.

That is when he pushed open the bed cover -- jumped out of the truck and ran in the opposite direction as the truck drove away from him.

The boy found his way back to his home without injury

"We're lucky we're not looking for a missing child," said Tony Botti of the Fresno County Sheriff's Office.

Sheriff's deputies are now searching for the driver of a white pick-up truck with a white bed cover and tinted rear window.

If anyone has home surveillance cameras in the areas from Floral to Clovis Avenues -- you're asked to call the Sheriff's Office.
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