One of the worst allergy seasons in recent years, ways to protect yourself

FRESNO, Calif. (KFSN) -- After a wet winter, the Central Valley has been in full bloom this spring.

Heavy rainfall gave plants a lot of water to produce flowers with a lot of pollen and that's making this allergy season one of the worst in recent years.

Dr. A.M. Aminian is with the Allergy Institute he says if not taken care of right away or properly your allergies could lead to respiratory problems.

"Asthma is triggered by the allergies also with these weather changes that we have had. With all the fluctuation of temperatures going from cold to close to a hundred that would affect many people," said Dr. A.M. Aminian.
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A local doctor expects this allergy season to linger into June due to the abundance of vegetation this year.

He said urgent cares and emergency rooms in the Central Valley have seen a large increase in patients with allergies.

Dr. Aminian recommends against being outdoors in the early morning when the pollen count is at its highest and avoid sleeping with the window open at night.

"Because some nights are warm and many people open their windows but if you have allergies and you leave your window open beware that the pollens can come in at night. When you are sleeping, you will get exposed to it," he said.

Also after being outdoors for a long time use a nasal rinse before bed so you are not congested in the morning. He recommends taking a shower before bed too.

"Remember that pollen, air pollution, and particulate matter can stick to your hair and to your face and to your skin. So washing your hair would be very helpful," said Dr. Aminian.

He pointed out that parents should keep a close eye on their children's allergies since they love to play outside especially in the spring.

One patient's father noticed she was having a tough time outside recently.

"Well up until recently it wasn't too bad. Really for the past two or three weeks, she has been slowly getting to the point where she is coughing, wheezing or heavy panting," said Lonnie Tidwell, Parent.

Dr. Aminian expects this allergy season to linger into June due to the abundance of vegetation this year.
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