Aluminum shortage affecting pet food, beer supply

Aluminum is in short supply, leading to shortages in both the pet food aisle and at your local brewery.

Experts say production isn't meeting up with demand.

As pet adoptions soared throughout the pandemic, more owners are struggling to find canned food for their furry friends.

Some retailers are taking measures to eliminate aluminum packaging, but the packaging isn't the only problem.

"We don't have enough meat products that go into that cat food. And the main reason really for this is our workforce," said Seckin Ozkul, assistant professor of supply chain management at the University of South Florida.

The aluminum shortage and price increases are also having a major impact on small breweries across the country.

Demand for canned alcohol also skyrocketed during the pandemic, as breweries shifted to to-go models.

Experts predict this issue could last well into 2023.

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