Princeton Antiques Bookshop boasts 5 decades of rare books

ATLANTIC CITY, N.J. -- From photographs and antiques to stacks and stacks of books, one man's family has spent five decades curating a special collection of rare finds at the Princeton Antiques Bookshop

Located along Atlantic Avenue is Princeton Antiques Bookshop.

"It's always been a passion of collecting, buying and selling books" said owner, Robert Ruffolo.

Ruffolo says the bookshop has been in his family for 56 years and is home to tons of rare and antique books, including a first edition copy of Jane Austen's Pride and Prejudice from 1894 and books signed by Amelia Earhart and Albert Einstein.

"Books hold the printed word. They will always be there. To have a book in your hand that's truly remarkable in its content with not only the words on the page, but the quality of how the book itself it put together," he said.

The storefront is also a sight to see. Ruffolo says it is one of the only open-air storefronts in the area, which was done out of necessity.

He says he has about 100,000 books in his store, all of which are for sale. The shop also holds a large collection of historic photos from the Atlantic City area that date back to the 1800's.