Roosevelt Shooting: Suicide by Cop?

4/17/2008 Fresno, CA Chief Jerry Dyer said the officer assigned to protect Roosevelt High School is a hero. Without Officer Junus Perry's actions, the chief claims a troubled student could've gotten his hands on more weapons and created more havoc. "Our investigators strongly suspect that this was a case of suicide by cop. That this suspect wanted Officer Junus Perry to take his life," said Fresno Police Chief Jerry Dyer.

Chief Jerry Dyer said there is simply no other explanation why Roosevelt High sophomore Jesse Carrizales would lie in wait and attack the school's police officer outside his office.

Using a bat that Dyer says the teenager fashioned into a lethal weapon, investigators claim Carrizales snuck up from behind, delivering a blow to the head that left the Officer Perry with this two inch gash.

As Perry fell backward, police claim his handgun and radio fell too, he then tried to crawl back to his office using only his arms. "The suspect continued to advance toward Officer Perry while holding a bat in this fashion over his head while standing over Officer Perry and was yelling at him profanities at Officer Perry saying, 'What are you going to do now?'" said Dyer.

That's when Dyer said Perry did what he "had" to do, taking a gun strapped to his ankle, firing one fatal shot that hit Carrizales in the chest. "Suspect Carrizales fell straight backwards with the bat in his hand over his head. While suspect Carrizales was on the ground he repeatedly yelled Officer Perry, go ahead and kill me."

A knife was also found just feet away from Carrizales body. Police said it may have fallen out of his backpack which also dropped.

Dyer claims this is not the first time that the teen has brought a weapon to school. Back in 2005, they say Carrizales brought a butcher knife to Sequoia Middle School. Nothing happened then, but Dyer says this time the threat was all too real for Officer Junus Perry. "Officer Perry was in the back of the ambulance. The first thing he said to me was 'Chief I had no other choice.' I know this deeply hurt Officer Perry. The fact that he had to take another person's life, and a student at that, but he had no other choice."

Police also said just eight months ago, they had another encounter with Jesse Carrizales at his home, but because of confidentially, they can't release any details.

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