New York Man Survives 47-Story Fall

6/10/2008 New York, NY In December, Miguel Moreno was washing windows with his brother, when the scaffolding gave way, plunging them more than 500 feet down.

The cables of the scaffolding snapped, and they plunged at speeds of up to 125 miles per hour.

Miguel's brother, Edgar, died instantly. But Miguel had to undergo several procedures, including having to be put in a coma to stay alive.

Miguel woke up from his coma on Christmas day and began his physical therapy.

Remembering his family life helped him heal. "I remembered my house. That means a lot to me, when I start to remember my neighbors, once I remember my house and the city where I live," said Moreno.

Now, six months after the fall Miguel is walking on his own. He spends his time with three children, and his wife Rosie who was there by his side through it all.

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