Blue Man Back in the National Spotlight

Fresno, CA, USA Today for Paul Karason, a walk around the block doesn't draw the attention it used to.

Asked how folks in the neighborhood feel about his appearance he says, "Most of 'em seem to feel OK about it. I get a few remarks now and then about celebrity stuff, that kind of foolishness."

Neighbor Rob Petty says, "At first it was kind of a little bit different but after that once we got to know him, and everything like that, he was, I mean, good neighbor couldn't ask for anything better."

That's one reason Paul Karason decided to settle in Madera. It seemed like a place where folks would accept him, despite his blue skin. He said he had a tougher time at his former home in Bend, Oregon.

Karason says," People here are great."

Since moving here he's not only found acceptance, but fame. TV crews from all over the world have followed him around Madera and Fresno, just to see how folks reacted to him. Paul was featured on ABC's Medical Mysteries program because his blue skin is the result of his use of colloidal silver. A supposed health tonic. Medical professionals say its quackery and has one big side effect. Some users turn blue. Paul has embraced his blueness, and continues taking colloidal silver, though not as frequently. Unlike his permanent skin color his celebrity is fading. The TV shows aren't calling like they used to. But, he says, it's been interesting. "I never imagined anything like this would happen. Never in my wildest dreams." He says, and adds "It's not like I was looking for any publicity. At first it kind of terrified me, but I somehow managed to get over that."

The attention has made the normally reclusive Paul a lot more outgoing. But fame hasn't brought fortune. He hasn't made a penny from his TV appearances. So, what's next for the Blue Man?

Paul says," Just going along the best I can, keep trying to find a job."

Paul says while he feels accepted, he admits turning blue has been a problem. He doesn't recommend it to anybody.


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