New Dramatic Details about Murder Investigation

Fresno, CA, USA Fresno police say drugs played a major role in a murder that shook up the neighborhood. They arrested 20-year-old Bobby Esparza now accused of committing murder. Both Esparza and the victim have a criminal past of possessing illegal drugs. The victim is 32-year-old Jeremy Wayne Miller. Police said Miller was selling high grade marijuana.

Late Monday morning, detectives combed the scene near the corner of Herndon and Chestnut. Police say on Sunday Bobby Esparza demanded drugs and money when he came to the home of Jeremy Miller. Turned over patio furniture is a clear sign of what turned out to be a deadly scuffle.

Tony Bennink is a lieutenant with Fresno Police. Bennink said, "There was a big fight between the suspects and the victim. Obviously the victim was shot at some point." Bennink said they found several pounds of high grade marijuana inside the victim's home. They later arrested Esparza and went to his last known address which is where Ricky Vasquez now lives. Vasquez said, "And then the door came out, and they must of hit hard enough to hit this door and do damage here."

Police broke down his door thinking the suspect still lived there which turned out to be incorrect. Vasquez said he was just watching football when investigators barged in. Vasquez said, "The door swung open. They told me to freeze, hands up, asked me to come out here and they had me lay on the ground over here and had me handcuffed." Vasquez says he has no hard feelings. Investigators confirm he had nothing to do with the murder case and was accidentally caught in the middle.

Esparza remains in jail. The district attorneys office is expected to review this case Tuesday morning and possibly file charges against the suspect. Police are also searching for a second suspect who they know very little about.


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